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May 27, 2021

Success Story: Backed by quality computer support, êlizur redefines the markets it helps

In healthcare — when every moment matters — any advantage in time or efficiency can be a lifesaver. It's in this sphere where information technology becomes mission critical, playing a leading role in patient care and improved outcomes.

êlizur is among the world's leading musculoskeletal solution providers. The Pittsburgh-based company supplies state-of-the-art orthopedic products and services to healthcare providers and their patients. Driven by a credentialed and licensed staff and technologically advanced products, êlizur improves patient outcomes with personalized musculoskeletal rehabilitation experiences throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia.

êlizur has experienced significant growth and success since its inception in 1993. But unlike in many industries, healthcare solution providers do not have the luxury of working methodically through challenges that growth spurts often bring.

“We had a former employee and a part-time specialist managing our IT,” recalled Brenda Roberts, the Business Support Manager for êlizur. “We couldn't keep up, The increase in business and the growth of our staff warranted a search for a reliable IT management company.”

Roberts has been with êlizur for 16 years. She oversees accounts payable, insurance contracting, maintains the company's accreditation and assists with HR needs. Roberts clearly had little mindshare to spare on IT issues when so many physicians and patients were dependent daily upon êlizur's information and services.

“We hired CranstonIT based on the research we invested and the positive recommendations we received,” Roberts said. “We wanted to transition to an all-Mac environment, and we knew that's where CranstonIT had its proficiency.”

Over time, êlizur reconfigured its technology landscape to meet the demands required by healthcare challenges in the 21st Century. With CranstonIT's guidance, the company is now equipped with servers, Mac and Windows workstations, iPads and iPhones. Mobile devices are managed using Mobile Device Management servers, allowing êlizur's mobile workforce to stay updated and secure regardless of their location. CranstonIT techs continually monitor all IT devices and networks as part of its Managed Services program.

Managed Services from CranstonIT helps companies eliminate reactive support and reduce operating costs. CranstonIT's proactive approach provides ongoing monitoring to identify and solve small issues before they become disruptive, and performs routine maintenance that updates software and replaces end-of-life equipment. Plus, its remote Help Desk delivers robust support service to provide fast and efficient problem resolution — a highly effective first option unless onsite service is necessary. Together, these Managed Services help ensure the focus remains on the business, and not the technology driving it.

“CranstonIT provided a variety of services right from the outset, and even their technicians rotated depending on our needs,” Roberts explained. “They set up computers and printers for new users, added and upgraded software for individual user accounts, and created a network that included iPad and iPhone devices. Above all, through Managed Services, CranstonIT can make us aware of a problem before we even know it's a problem.”

Any downtime created by IT disruption would run counter to êlizur's mission to ensure a seamless patient transition from the clinic to the home. All of êlizur's services are guided by three core values — respect for the physician's prescription, passion for patient care and innovation in products and services. Technology provides the backdrop that protects each of those values, and today êlizur relies on CranstonIT to keep the company updated and functioning on a daily basis.

Of equal importance, according to Roberts, Cranston IT has helped êlizur evolve.

“Cranston always provides us with the latest recommendations and all the Cranston IT techs are very knowledgable, personal and always willing to address our questions,” she said. “Plus, when needed, there's the Help Desk and Beth Anne Lewis, who is amazingly courteous and patient — especially valuable to those of us who are not so computer savvy.”

Cranston IT is a IT services company based in Pittsburgh, PA. The organization provides certified consultants, technicians and developers for IT solutions serving SMB and enterprise customers in the tri-state area and beyond.

For more information, contact Cranston IT today at 888-813-5558 or at