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With powerful and intelligent simplicity, Verkada offers security for the digital age

CranstonIT is pleased to offer its clients a modernized and more intuitive approach to small business physical security.

Verkada builds enterprise security cameras that combine cutting-edge technology with intelligent cloud-based software.  With its line of indoor and outdoor D-Series cameras, Verkada eliminates the need for local servers, firewall equipment and network video recorders — reducing complexity and lowering operating costs.  

Business leaders trust the Verkada brand for reliable and easy-to-use video security solutions,” explained CranstonIT President Patrick Cranston.  “The cameras provide surveillance built for simplicity and scale, with technology that is easy to configure, upgrade and expand on demand.”

In place of the NVR, each Verkada camera houses video footage on industrial-grade, solid-state storage.  This fully encrypted and distributed design offers several unique benefits:

— Security is improved by eliminating single points of failure and unencrypted NVRs.

— Bandwidth consumption is minimized by avoiding continuous video upload.

— Efficiency is increased with an app that enables smartphone review of video feeds.

— Cost and complexity are reduced with easy system expansion.

Paired with Verkada’s intuitive, web-based software developed by U.S.-based engineers, the D-Series cameras offer powerful capabilities.  It’s easy to grant, edit and revoke access permissions for any user — by camera, site or organization.  Activity-based indexing and intelligent search features automatically identify incidents.  Real-time camera feeds can be shared via SMS.  And because the cameras are web managed, secure software updates and upgrades automatically occur.

“It’s the software that truly differentiates Verkada’s capabilities,” Cranston said.  “It’s a game-changer because most security monitoring solutions work in isolation and need to be managed one at a time.”

Verkada’s secure web-based Command application is especially valuable for IT administrators.  It empowers them with granular controls to easily and effectively manage access rights for their entire organization.  “Granting or restricting access to an individual camera or location is straight-forward and painless,” Cranston added.

Verkada’s modern and secure architecture eliminates local servers and NVRs, resulting in a simple system configuration easier to operate and manage.  Open ports — which introduce security vulnerabilities in traditional camera systems — are omitted from the system’s design.  Right out of the box, Verkada cameras are automatically self-firewalled to prevent unauthenticated computers from sending malware packets to the camera — even if an attacker or virus is present on the same physical network.

These cameras offer unmatched picture quality, even in the dark of night.  Each product includes multiple cameras with 3, 5 and 12 MP sensors that deliver 50% more detail than 1080 full HD and utilize a broad color gamut and wide dynamic range to maximize image clarity.

Once connected, in fact, the cameras automatically tune image parameters — exposure, iris, shutter speed, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening, tint and temperature — that are continually adjusted by Verkada’s algorithms to ensure optimal image clarity.  Each camera comes equipped with seven infrared illuminators and a 1/2.8’’ Progressive CMOS sensor (1/1.7” for D80), a combination that enables unparalleled low-light camera performance.

Verkada offers four all-in-one systems designed to perform everywhere and engineered for durability.  Whether you choose the D30 or D40 Indoor Domes, the D50 Outdoor Dome or the D80 Fisheye Camera for a panoramic view of all your indoor and outdoor environments, there’s no need to configure VPNs, update firewalls or reset factory-default passwords.  Verkada cameras work effortlessly from the moment they leave the box.  Plus, all cameras automatically receive software updates and upgrades.  And the cameras are covered by an industry-leading hardware warranty.

CranstonIT can help you make Verkada’s intelligent cameras an integrated part of your modern IT infrastructure.  Talk to us about upgrading your physical security for the digital age — and how to prevent disruptions rather than chase them.  Contact CranstonIT with your questions at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com