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July 17, 2023

Meet Tori Woods

It's one of the most quotable lines in sports history, and for good reason. It's a catalyst for higher level thinking — and for results.

That's why we again turn to Wayne Gretzky to help us introduce Tori Woods, the shiny new Dispatcher here at CranstonIT.

"Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been," famously said Gretzky, universally recognized as the greatest player in NHL history.

In Tori's role as our Dispatcher, her entire mission is to skate where the puck is going. Tori, who joined CranstonIT in June, will be focused on mapping solutions to the diverse challenges of our clients.

She will often be your first point of contact responsible for understanding, collecting and then communicating the data and information related to the time-sensitive IT issues threatening your business.

"At the end of the day, my only goal is to ensure all customer needs are met to his or her satisfaction," Tori explained. "No matter how many paths I take, I need to end with the same result."

In Tori's role as Dispatcher, she will demonstrate a variety of hard and soft skills. She will evaluate and document your hardware, software, network or cybersecurity issue, prioritize your needs by level of importance and urgency, and then make the proper connection with the CranstonIT tech best equipped to address the challenge.

And Tori certainly understands the importance of taking swift and appropriate action when emergencies surface. She comes to CranstonIT from the Sheriff's Office in Beaufort County, NC, where she also served as Dispatcher. Before that, she dispatched for the Ayden Police Department and a 911 County Communications Center, both in NC.

In all locations, Tori was recognized for her excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as her compassion with callers who were often emotional, panicked or stressed. That compassion, Tori said, stems from her "southern hospitality" upbringing.

"I think it's critical to build a positive relationship with clients throughout the process," she said. "It instills confidence and paves the way for future endeavors."

It was that same "warm and welcoming feeling" that attracted Tori to the CranstonIT team earlier this year. That, and the ability to work from home and raise her new baby boy. Tori and her husband David, a local law enforcement officer, and seven-month-old Jackson live in Raleigh, NC.

"A remote career, for me, is perfect," she said. "I'm available to our clients whenever they need me, yet I get to be the best mother, the best wife and also help people in the community whenever I can. It's an ideal work-to-life balance."

Can hearing a sweet southern drawl out of Raleigh lessen the impact of a network crash in Aliquippa? A 10-minute chat with Tori Woods just might.

For more information, contact Cranston IT today at 412-200-5656 or at