Keeping up? Create custom apps to automate tedious business processes

Keeping up? Create custom apps to automate tedious business processes

As companies expand, existing workflow processes don’t always keep up — especially if you are still relying on spreadsheets, word documents or even paper. Performance can lag, capabilities are compromised and solutions don’t often scale as needed. Today’s growth-oriented businesses demand applications that are highly specialized, hyper-connected and quickly customized as needed.

CranstonIT develops custom business applications that keep pace with your evolving needs. We are a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, with more than 15 years of FileMaker development experience. With a team of full-time, certified FileMaker developers, CranstonIT can create a business application built specifically for your needs or modernize your existing FileMaker database for mobility, web integration and optimal scalability.

As a FileMaker consultant, we offer the expertise you need to build, modify and manage your professional FileMaker applications. We are proficient in developing solutions using FileMaker’s desktop and mobile technologies — FileMaker Go and WebDirect — that create a seamless end-to-end experience for Windows, Mac® and mobile users through native apps and web browsers.

CranstonIT helps companies that require more than simply off-the-shelf products. Instead, we create easy-to-use custom applications that prioritize fast solution development, streamlined workflow and time-saving efficiencies. Apps that automate processes such as order entry, project management, client management and production management. Apps that enable your project to move swiftly from concept to deployment.

If you are searching for a development company that can first understand your pain points and your goals, and then create and maintain a robust FileMaker solution for your business, contact CranstonIT today for a no-obligation consultation.