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iOS 13: Powerful, productive, private

On September 19th, iOS 13 will be here, with promising new ways the iPhone® will impact your daily life.  So what can we expect?

Apple® claims iOS 13 will introduce a bold new look, major updates to its most popular apps, new methods of privacy protection and a generally faster, more responsive iPhone experience.

Privacy remains a top priority at Apple.  With iOS 13, after Face ID® or Touch ID® recognition, you can sign in to apps and websites with your existing Apple ID.  Also, HomeKit™ introduces new location controls and transparency features designed around security and privacy that protect camera storage.  In fact, Apple has designed an end-to-end encrypted system where your video is stored securely to iCloud — where only you and the people you invite into your Home app can view it.

The most evident new iOS 13 feature will be Dark Mode, which Apple is bringing over from Mojave and macOS®.  It displays light text on a dark background, which can be welcome when using an iOS device in a dark room without distracting others.  Dark Mode may also increase battery life on an OLED-based iPhone like the iPhone X, XS and XS Max.  With Dark Mode enabled and seamlessly integrated throughout the system, it impacts all elements on your iPhone.  You can switch it on from Control Center or set it to automatically come on at night.

An area in iOS that has long begged for improvement is text handling.  Although the familiar approaches still work, you can finally select text by merely tapping and swiping.  Double-taps select recognized bits of text like phone numbers and addresses, and triple and quadruple taps select sentences and paragraphs.  You can even move the cursor by dragging it into position.

Apple enhanced iOS 13’s QuickType® keyboard with a feature long offered by independent keyboards — swipe to type.  Called QuickPath, the feature lets you swipe your finger from one letter to the next without picking it up.  You can switch between swiping and tapping whenever you want.  It works only on the iPhone and the new floating keyboard on the iPad®.

Apple has implemented its impressive new Voice Control system in iOS 13, as well as in macOS 10.15 Catalina.  Once you turn it on in Settings >  Accessibility >  Voice Control, you can use voice commands to switch apps, tap visible controls and more. Plus, it lets you dictate text without invoking Siri®.

The dictation now lets you delete text, replace text and capitalize words, making it possible to edit what you’ve written without touching the keyboard.  Voice Control may sound like it’s aimed at people who struggle physically with the iOS Multi-Touch™ interface, but it could be useful to anyone.

And speaking of Siri speaking, Siri has a new voice using advanced neural text-to-speech technology.  Siri now sounds more natural than ever before, especially when speaking longer phrases.  Plus, Siri can now learn and recognize the voices of family members using HomePod™, so everyone has a more personalized experience.

With Google’s Waze app and GPS navigation software getting so much attention, Apple felt compelled to step up the look and functionality of its Maps app.  In iOS 13, Apple has rebuilt Maps and its underlying database from the ground up, so you can explore cities and towns with an immersive 3D experience, see far more detailed maps and even zoom in for a street-level 360-degree panoramic view called Look Around.  Maps will also enable users to create favorites and collections of must-have, must-see locations.

Camera and Photos also receive attention in iOS 13, giving you faster access to effects and letting you apply them to videos.  An all-new Photos tab delivers a curated view of your best moments from every day, month and year.  New image editing tools allow more detailed filtering and fine tuning.  High-Key Mono allows you to add a stunning monochromatic effect to Portrait mode photos.  And new video editing tools allow rotation, crop and auto enhance — even on videos taken in the wrong orientation.

The Health app now adds features related to cycle tracking and fertility.  Using data entered or imported from a third-party app, Health can now predict the start and end of a woman’s next three cycles and provide a notification when her period is approaching.  Similarly, it can predict fertility windows and pop up an alert when one is approaching.  Cycle Tracking, a companion Apple Watch® app, will make it easier to log menstruation and symptoms.

iOS 13 means some iPhone devices will fall off the map in terms of support, so best to check Apple’s website for specifics.  Also, iOS 13 will only support the newest (seventh gen) iPod touch®.

There are many more pleasing nuances to be found in iOS 13, but please be patient — and wait before you download.  With all new OS releases we recommend users wait until Apple has released the 2nd point update before upgrading.  Please contact CranstonIT today at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com for more information.