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iOS 12 makes password filling easier, faster and more secure

As you may know,a password manager is a software app used to store and manage the passwords that a user has for various online accounts and security features.  These apps store the passwords in an encrypted formatand provide secure access to all information with the help of a single master password.

For security reasons,CranstonIT always recommends you use a password manager (such as 1Password or LastPass, for examples) to generate, store and enter strong passwords in your web browser.  It’s especially beneficial now that iOS 12 offers a great new feature that lets you enter passwords from third-party password managers in addition to iCloud Keychain®.

Apple® has embedded an AutoFill setting in iOS 12 that lets your password manager of choice be on tap everywhere you need it.  It makes the process of logging in to web sites and iOS apps easier and cleaner than ever before.

Here’s how AutoFill works.  

Set up. Start by enabling the feature via Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords.  Then tap the AutoFill Passwords switch to turn the feature on, and select your password manager in the list below.  Note that the iOS app for your password manager must be installed for it to appear in the list.  And, although you can also allow iCloud Keychain to fill passwords, it’s not worth the extra confusion unless you have multiple passwords stored only in iCloud Keychain.

auto fill password image

Log on. Navigate to a web site where your password manager has stored your credentials.  Then follow these steps:

login image

1.    Tap in the user name or password field.

2.    iOS 12 consults your password manager, and if it finds a user name/password pair that matches the domain of the site, it displays the user name for the site in a blue button or in the QuickType® bar above the keyboard. Tap it, and unlock the password manager using your password, Touch ID® or Face ID®.  iOS 12 then autofills in your credentials

3.    Tap to continue the log in process.

If you have multiple accounts for the same site, you may see several of them in the QuickType bar, but if the one you want doesn’t appear, or if none appear, tap the key icon to see all available passwords.  If none are right even still, tap the name of your password manager at the bottom of the list to open and then search it manually.

Log in. The process of logging in to an app is often similar to logging on to a web site, as with the Dropbox and Netflix apps, but iOS 12 doesn’t know how to match every app with an associated account in your password manager. For an app that iOS 12 can’t identify, like the Pixabay app, follow these steps instead:

login image display

1.    Tap in the user name or password field.

2.    In the QuickType bar, tap the key icon to open your password manager.

3.    If necessary, unlock it with your password, Touch ID or Face ID.

4.    Search in the password manager for the associated account.

5.    Tap the account to autofill it in the app’s log in fields.

The iOS 12 support for third-party password managers is a huge step forward for anyone who wants quick access to the same log in credentials on an iPhone® or iPad®. But as welcome and helpful as this new support is, it has its limitations.

First, the autofill integration is limited to user names and passwords, so if a site requires an additional field for log in, you’ll have to manually enter that information.  And it won’t enter credit card numbers or other information the password manager can autofill when used on a Mac® and macOS®.

Second, the password manager can’t automatically create new accounts or generate new passwords, as all password managers can do on a Mac.  You can do both manually, but the process is clumsy.  It may be easier for you to wait and do it on a Mac later, or temporarily use an easily typed password until you can change it to something stronger.

Your data security has always been a priority at CranstonIT.  

We can ensure all your passwords are securely managed and encrypted using 1Password.  And we can help you generate ongoing, consistent and secure data backups.  For more information, contact CranstonIT at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com