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Introducing the “astonishing” Mac Pro and XDR Pro Display

At the Worldwide Developer Conference last month, Apple® unveiled the completely redesigned Mac Pro® and its companion screen, the Pro Display XDR.  The all-new products have met with gushing reviews, and words like astonishing, other-worldly and all-out engineering have been tossed around like so many teraflops.  The new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR will arrive this fall.

Apple claims Mac Pro will offer the greatest performance, expansion and configurability ever, and enable professional users to push the limits of creativity, development and productivity.  In fact, with up to 28 cores of power within the new Intel Xeon processor, Mac Pro delivers the ultimate in CPU performance.  With this kind of power, the new Mac Pro is geared squarely for intensive professional work, it’s likely won’t be the next computer you buy for your family or home office.

Mac Pro, with its six channels of ECC memory and 12 physical DIMM slots, can now be configured with up to an incredible 1.5 TB of RAM.  That’s memory that virtually eliminates constraints and empowers multiple project loads running multiple pro applications with the greatest of ease.

It has eight PCI Express expansion slots, into which you can install MPX modules that contain up to four AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards for massive number crunching performance.  Another slot can hold Apple’s new Afterburner accelerator card for ProRes and ProRes RAW video acceleration, and a half-length slot contains Apple’s I/O card with two USB-3 ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports and to 10 GB Ethernet ports.  Plus, there are two more Thunderbolt 3 ports on the top of the case.  With Mac Pro’s all-flash storage architecture, it starts at 256 GB SSD and is configurable up to 4 TB SSD.

The enclosure of Mac Pro is an art form in workstations.  It is designed around a stainless steel frame with an aluminum housing that lifts off to unveil 360-degree access to every component and configuration option.  It is also beautifully functional, with handles, latches and optional wheels that allow ease of transport.  The design of Mac Pro, says Apple, represents a tool that removes barriers and promotes absolute flexibility.  

The massive 1.4-kilowatt power supply of Mac Pro relies on three impeller fans and a blower to keep the unit cool.  The lattice pattern on the aluminum shell provides not only structural rigidity, but optimizes airflow and cooling.

The companion Pro Display XDR was designed by Apple to link with Mac Pro to forge the ultimate workstation.  XDR is the first-ever 32-inch 6K display.  It supports P3 wide and 10-bit color that can display more than one billion colors with exceptional accuracy.  With its new Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR), the display takes brightness, contrast and color to new levels.  In fact, it produces an industry-leading 1000 nits of full-screen brightness and 1600 nits at its peak.

If those specs didn’t make you shield your eyes, these will.  Apple is targeting high-end professionals for its Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR and, needless to say, their price points are accordingly aligned.  The base-level Mac Pro will start at $6,000, and the XDR adds another $5,000.  Even the Pro Stand (which provides tilt and height adjustment, plus rotates to portrait orientation) for the XDR costs $1,000, so a tricked-out Mac Pro configuration could easily exceed $20,000. Yikes.

CranstonIT knows this is not the platform for most of us, but pleased nonetheless to see that Apple continues to address our most demanding, performance-intensive Mac users.  If the new Mac Pro has piqued your interest, let us first put it through its paces when introduced this fall.  We can help you build exactly the config you need, and possibly save you thousands of dollars in the process.  Visit CranstonIT at support@cranstonit.com or call us at 888-813-5558 to learn more.