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Introducing Bill Stock


He stares at a computer glitch much like the dreaded 7-10 split on a bowling lane.  He knows it’s a problem.  But he’s been there before and he knows just the right approach needed to solve the challenge.

Bill Stock is the newest member of the Cranston IT team.  With 10 years in the technology industry, there’s nothing Bill hasn’t seen nor solved when it comes to the hardware or software that makes Windows or Linux tick. His expertise bolsters Cranston IT’s ability to deliver excellent computer support for your computing platform of choice: Windows, Linux or Mac®.

And as a prize-winning bowler, Bill sees some parallels in his new assignment.

“I’d like to think I’m someone who first mentally breaks down a computer problem whenever there’s a hardware or Office 365 issue,” explained Bill, a Gibsonia resident who joined CranstonIT in mid-March.

“Since I have experience troubleshooting software and deploying hardware when needed, I’m already fast-forwarding the approach I need to take,” he said.  “And, yes, I guess you could say it’s a lot like analyzing those difficult spares in bowling.

Bill was formerly a Customer Support Technician at Pair Networks.  In his time there, he repaired hardware servers, complex email issues and helped build websites.  Before Pair, Bill worked in the robotics industry and specialized in healthcare robotic systems.

His motivation to join Cranston IT was to join a great team, be in the field, engage with clients and, primarily, to solve problems.  

“I missed that connection of being face-to-face with people,” Bill said.  “That really resonated during my onsite training with (Technical Manager) Brandon Dewar, when we met with clients and comfortably addressed complex subjects.  I really enjoy getting to work directly with clients to solve their problems.

Aside from work, Bill has some competitive passions.  He was a professional gamer for several years, even under contract to compete at events across the U.S.  He has a mastery of both Call of Duty and Counter Strike, and was once onstage at a gaming event broadcast live to more than 30,000 people.

And, of course, he’s quite proud of his bowling skills.  Bill ranked second in Pennsylvania in both high school and collegiate competitions, and won more than $4,000 in scholarship prize monies.

He’s also great with fun facts.  Did you know when a 16-pound bowling ball makes contact, the lane receives an impact of a couple of thousand pounds per square inch?  (No, we didn’t either … )

Have a computer problem you need solved, Bill and the rest of the Cranston IT team can be reached at 412-200-5656 or support@cranstoninc.com.