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In Catalina, the distinctions between macOS and iOS continue to blur

With the introduction of macOS® 10.15 at the Worldwide Developer Conference this month, Apple® plans to whisk you away to Catalina.  And it appears you’ll enjoy the journey.

Watch for macOS Catalina this fall.  Apple promises it will give you more of everything you love about Mac® — as it takes next steps to bring the macOS and iOS platforms closer than ever before.

One example centers on a replacement for the behemoth that the iTunes® app has become.  Catalina introduces three all-new, dedicated Mac apps that mimic those in iOS — Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV® — designed from the ground up to heighten your Mac entertainment experience.  

MUSIC enables music streaming from Apple’s library of 50 million songs and music listening from the library you’ve created over the years — synched seamlessly by iCloud® across all your devices.

APPLE PODCASTS now offers access to more than 700,000 podcasts on your Mac, where you can subscribe and search by title, topic, guest, host and more.

APPLE TV is the new source for all your favorite movies, shows, premium channels and, soon, Apple TV +.  And, for the first time, 4K and Dolby Atmos supported movies will be available on the Mac.

Reminders, Notes and Photos also see significant enhancements that are mirrored on the iOS side.  Reminders offers an all-new design for easier ways to create, organize and track your content;  Notes offers new tools that enable more powerful search and collaboration; and new-look Photos allows you to see only the best shots in your library without duplicates or clutter.

A new Find My App on both macOS and iOS platforms combines the capabilities of Find My iPhone® and Find My Friends.  Apple is even bringing Screen Time from iOS to the Mac to help users track and control your usage — and that of your kids— across all your Apple devices.

Catalina also introduces a cool new technology that lets you use your iPad® as a second screen for your Mac.  Sidecar enables you to extend your workspace and expand your creativity by working in one app while referencing another on your Mac.  Users can also mirror the screens so they both display the same content.  Sidecar even enables you to use the iPad and Apple Pencil® as a graphics tablet with selected supported apps, as well as using a Sidecar-connected iPad to mark up any PDF or insert a sketch into a Mac document.  The best part?  Sidecar leverages iPad as a second screen in either wired or wireless modes.

Catalina promises many more features, including some that will increase macOS security and others that will make the Mac much easier to use for people with disabilities.  For instance, the amazing new Voice Control capability lets you run a Mac or iOS device entirely with your voice.  

Plus, now with Catalina, developers can easily create Mac apps from iPad apps, allowing users to drag and drop content between them and to take full advantage of the larger screen and more powerful architecture of the Mac.  In the end, for Apple, it’s all about creating a dynamic and seamless user experience across all devices in its ecosystem.

Before you get too giddy waiting to hit Catalina, as always, consult with CranstonIT before integrating any new macOS into your Apple environment.  We can be reached at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com