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ID Agent shields your business from Dark Web breach

The term “dark web” has been tossed around a lot in recent years, but few people understand what it really means.  Yes, it is a haven for the creepiness of child pornography, drug trafficking and terrorist activity, but it is also a platform for white-collar cybercriminal attacks and so much more.

Let’s back up.  The Internet is immense, much larger than you think, and it houses nearly a billion legitimate websites.  But the surface web that we navigate makes up only 10% of the information that exists as a whole.  According to experts, there are eight levels of the Internet, and they range from the surface web down to the lowest levels where the entire web structure is assembled.  The deepest layer is the dark web, with users penetrating several complex layers (called onion sites) that remain hidden from the masses.

Since sites on the dark web are buried, they can’t be accessed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or others.  In fact, they can only be reached with a special browser (such as TOR, The Onion Router) that hides information by routing browser traffic through an overlay network that has access to more than 7,000 relays.  So good luck trying to trace, track, identify or expose those nefarious folks up to no good.

For the singular purpose of protecting your employees from information breach, CranstonIT is now offering the proven solutions of ID Agent as part of our Managed Services portfolio.  ID Agent’s sophisticated monitoring intelligence allows companies to focus on their business with added layers of security that build both confidence and peace of mind.

One such solution is Dark Web ID™.  It’s one of the leading dark web tools with search capabilities that identify, analyze and proactively monitor an organization’s employee and customer data that may be exposed to compromise or theft.

Dark Web ID is designed to protect the digital credentials that your employees use to log into email and other cloud-based services your business uses every day.  It’s a cloud-based service that requires no additional hardware nor software and it deploys in minutes.

Dark Web ID provides real-time breach monitoring of your team’s login credentials.  Should a hacker offers login credentials or personal information related to your business for sale on the dark web, you are alerted so you can take the appropriate action to protect your business.

CranstonIT also offers additional ID Agent solutions that support the benefits of Dark Web ID.

Bullphish ID™ monitors the dark web for cyber attacks and stolen credentials.  It blends real-world social engineering attacks and video-based training to help organizations educate employees and heighten their defense against cybercrime.  Bullphish ID can even simulate phishing attacks — and then provide training to help your team ensure threat protection.

Spotlight ID™ empowers individuals.  It gives your employees the control to protect their identities and personal information while enhancing cybersecurity awareness.  It monitors cyber criminal exploitation of an individual’s personal identity, social profile and credit profile. Spotlight ID completely restores an individual’s identity if breached or compromised and is backed by ID Agent’s $1 million insurance coverage for restoration-related expenses.

Plus, employees can enroll themselves (and their families) in minutes through CranstonIT.  Visit https://myspotlightid.idagent.com/landing?domain=cranstoninc.com for more information and Spotlight ID plan options.

With solutions that protect your stakeholders, ID Agent helps keep your revenues, profitability and customer retention on schedule and free from breach.  Our partnership with ID Agent differentiates CranstonIT’s Managed Services program — in yet another way — from other providers.  For a free dark web scan to monitor proprietary information of yours that may currently be available on the dark web, contact CranstonIT at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com