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How collaborative apps create a singular focus

How collaborative apps create a singular focus

We’ve all been there, and it drives us nuts.  

You frame out an idea or a project and then email it to your colleagues for thoughts and feedback.  The responses come back and then it begins.  The editing, the merging, the annotating, the shuffling and the retooling.  Then it again gets emailed to everyone for their new thoughts and feedback.

It’s called the document dance.  And ’round and ’round we go.

Here in the 21st Century, there are solutions to this madness.  There are ways for groups to work simultaneously or sequentially.  There are real-time collaboration features built into many apps, including the Apple® iWork® apps (Pages®, Numbers® and Keynote®), the Microsoft Office 365 suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Google’s online app suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides).  And possibly the most elegant of them all, Samepage, a business collaboration tool that connects multiple people with projects, conversations and files.  

In the old model of collaboration, where you gave each person their own copy of the document, you had to bring their changes and comments back into your master copy.  That’s clumsy, time-consuming and error-prone, even when the apps in question have features for merging.

With modern collaboration systems, there is only one document that everyone works on, so there’s no need to keep track of different copies or merge changes.  Plus, you never have to worry about someone’s copy getting corrupted or lost.

In many collaborative scenarios, the people with whom you’re working need to be aware of what the others are doing.  Theoretically, you could send your document to one person, get it back, send to the next, get it back, and so on.  That way each person sees the changes and comments from those who have gone before, but it takes a painful amount of time and energy.

But in a real-time collaboration system with a single document, everyone can work at the same time and actually have in-document conversations.  That’s the beauty of Samepage, for example.  Samepage helps you avoid project disconnects and lapses by bringing your team together on one collaborative platform that is productive, easy to use and actually fun.  Samepage is a living page capable of handling tasks, files, videos, diagrams, social network content and much more.

Samepage funnels teams, discussions and files into one place.  It helps eliminate switching back and forth among email, task management and file sharing apps, while streamlining information and important conversations.  With Samepage, it’s easy to connect and work with anyone — from colleagues in the same company to external people like contractors, clients and vendors.  And because great collaboration starts with great conversation, the communication tools are built right in.  

You can chat privately or with an entire team.  You can start a face-to-face video call with just one click.  And you can get organized on a Team Page — a space where you and your colleagues can make ideas happen.  Use Team Page for meeting agendas, project planning or as your company’s go-to place for information.  Attach files, images and videos — or create tasks and calendar events — all on the same page.  

What makes a Team Page so special is that it is completely live.  Collaborate with your teammates at the same time and see every action in real time.  Work more efficiently and in total transparency.  Plus, with Page Chat, you can exchange ideas right alongside where your files, tasks and other information are kept, so you always have context with your conversation.  

Samepage helps teams work smarter and more productively.  So even when you are on the go, you can access all your files and keep the conversation going — right from your smartphone or tablet.  

There are several collaborative tools out there, but some can be rigid, complicated and often expensive.  If you are interested in taking the next step with Samepage, or just learning more about collaborative apps in general, start by visiting https://www.samepage.io/cranstonit  CranstonIT can help your entire team can get on the same page from concept to creation.  Call us today at 888.813.5558 or email support@cranstoninc.com