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FREE from CranstonIT! Two tickets to the Pittsburgh Business Show, May 14 & 15

CranstonIT has a limited number of free tickets ($79 value ea.) to the upcoming Pittsburgh Business Show, the event created to help business owners connect to the people, products and resources they need to succeed.  The Pittsburgh Business Show will be held May 14 & 15, 2019, at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.  Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.  For your free tickets to one or both days of the show, please contact Krista at krista@cranstoninc.com

While at the show, be sure to attend one of the several mission-critical business presentations delivered by CranstonIT President Patrick Cranston.   You’ll learn:

√  How firewalls and secure wireless networks protect your business. 10:30am Tuesday

Firewalls are critical for protecting your IT network from attacks over the Internet by hackers, viruses and worms.  Firewalls offer not only security, but control in the way you protect and manage your in-house online activities.  In this session, attendees will better understand the basics of network security and why firewall devices are important to securing your business network.  

√  How to recognize and protect your business against phishing attacks. 2:30pm Tuesday

Phishing is a form of identity theft in which hackers use fraudulent websites and fake email addresses to attempt to steal your personal data, especially passwords and credit card information.  You’ll learn why phishing is one of the most significant threats to business today, and why your current email security solution may not be adequately protecting your organization.  

√  How to implement the most effective backup strategy for your business. 3:30pm Tuesday

Data backup is crucial for protecting the integrity and continuity of your business.  In this session, you’ll learn the different types of backups and practical strategies that ensure your data is always protected.  You’ll hear why, if your data is stored in only one location, that it’s just a matter of time before it is compromised — or lost entirely — by malware hijacking or ransomware attacks.

√  How to deploy and manage macOS and iOS devices in the Apple ecosystem.  11am Wednesday

macOS and iOS devices are now everywhere in business, and they are all designed to work beautifully together.  In this session, we’ll introduce you to the Apple Business Manager.  It’s a new place for IT teams to automate device deployment, purchase and distribute content, and manage roles in your organization.  Learn how it works seamlessly with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to help you manage both company-owned and employee-owned devices.

√  How practical tools and strategies can keep your passwords secure. 2pm Wednesday

In today’s connected world, your login and password are the keys to your personal and professional kingdoms.  That’s why there is no better way to secure your business than with a password manager.  In this session, you’ll learn of the software apps available that store, manage and encrypt the passwords your users have for various online accounts — yet provide secure access to all information with the help of a single master password.  

Visit https://www.pittsburghbusinessshow.com/ for more details on the show.  For your free tickets to one or both days of the show, please contact Krista at krista@cranstoninc.com.