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Enhance your business with outsourced IT support

IT support has changed. Break-fix solutions no longer apply. As your IT environment grows and becomes more complex, the concept of depending on IT support only when needed is no longer sufficient. Instead, as your business reliance on IT expands, a managed service approach monitored by a team of IT professionals can discover and solve problems before your productivity is compromised.

CranstonIT is an Apple® centric professional IT services company and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. We are charged with offering IT services for macOS® and iOS platforms and focused on the key desktop and mobile support solutions that help your business integrate Apple and third-party technologies. CranstonIT’s certified techs are dedicated to providing comprehensive support via managed services, ensuring your entire IT environment is continually maintained to the highest standards in the industry.

Managed services help you eliminate reactive support. CranstonIT’s proactive approach provides ongoing monitoring to identify and solve small issues before they become disruptive, and performs routine maintenance that updates software and replaces end-of-life equipment. Plus, our remote Help Desk delivers robust support service to provide fast and efficient problem resolution — a highly effective first option unless onsite service is necessary. Together, these managed services help ensure the focus remains on your business, and not the technology driving it.

CranstonIT also offers an enhanced focus on user management.

As part of your managed services agreement, we’ll manage onboarding and offboarding of users, including configuration of user accounts, email, software, software licensing, computer assignments and additional user services, as needed.

CranstonIT will maintain an electronic inventory of all your computer hardware and regularly review your equipment via our computer management system. We will also track and update, when needed, your third-party software license agreements from Microsoft, Adobe, FileMaker and more.

With data security now everyone’s concern, CranstonIT’s managed services offer an imposing first line of defense against cyber attackers. We can help protect your computers, servers and networks from malware, phishing, password hackers and several other security breaches. We can establish network security through firewalls and secure access portals, as well as computer security through encryption and anti-virus protection. We can ensure all your IT passwords are securely managed using 1Password, with clients having encrypted web access to their password vault. And we can help you generate ongoing, consistent and secure data backups.

Strategic planning is integral to managed services from CranstonIT. It helps you see your company’s IT horizon, and how it aligns with the expansion of your business. As your outsourced Chief Information Officer, we provide a single point of contact that understands and specializes in your technology. We start with a detailed analysis of your current IT infrastructure before creating a detailed forward-thinking strategy for your entire IT landscape. This may include hardware refreshes, business growth, security and disaster recovery that may impact your workstations, servers, networks, software, cloud services and more. By knowing every detail about the IT expectations of your company, CranstonIT can provide you the penultimate customer experience.

Best of all, managed services help you reduce operating costs. Not just from the controlled costs of a flat-fee billing model, but from a well maintained, proactively serviced computer network that will always perform at optimum levels. There is no need for dedicated IT staff, no concern for turnover and no stress over a fluctuating budget for IT support.

Discover how CranstonIT can help. Contact us today at 888-813-5558 for a no-obligation consultation to determine the proactive set of IT services you need, along with a cost-effective service level agreement (SLA) that will help deliver those services.