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DNSFilter: Stop Security Threats Before They Happen

Keeping company data safe while online has been a growing concern over the past several years.  Traditionally, company information was accessed while users were on the company network. Security devices such as firewalls were deployed to protect the network and the computers on the network from internet threats. As the workforce has become more mobile and the sudden rise of Work From Home environments due to Covid19 this year, in many cases, users are accessing company data outside of the company network and thus outside of the firewalls. This leaves users, their computers and the company exposed to internet based threats that would have traditionally been blocked by the company’s firewall.

Additional tools and services are needed to protect users when they are working from home, on the road or anywhere they are connected to the internet. One such tool we offer at Cranston IT is DNS filtering. DNS is the directory or telephone book of the internet. Anytime you click a link or type a URL into your web browser, your computer gives the web address to a DNS server and the DNS servers tells the computer where to go on the internet to find that website.   

Websites and web links can be faked (phishing attacks) and websites can also contain software harmful for your computer (malware, viruses). When using standard DNS services, your computer is given the address of the server you request regardless of whether or not it’s a fake or harmful site. This is where DNS filter comes in. With DNS filtering installed, all DNS look ups are compared against a list of known bad and fraudulent websites. If a user tries to visit a website that contains harmful or malicious materials, they are automatically blocked from accessing that site. The filter is constantly being updated to protect users against the latest threats.

Additionally, DNS filtering can also be used to block certain categories of website entirely. If you have computers that should only be used for work purposes, you can easily block social media, pornography and many other categories of sites. This way you can ensure devices are being used for work purposes, even if they are in an area without direct supervision.

Laptops and desktops aren’t the only devices at risk on the internet. Mobile devices also access the internet and users can fall victim to phishing and other malicious attacks just as easily from their smartphone as their laptop. DNS filtering can also be deployed on mobile devices providing protection no matter how users connect to the internet.   

Internet Security is a must for businesses of all sizes. DNS filtering provides another layer of security in keeping your business safe. To learn more about DNS filtering or to start protecting your business, connect with CranstonIT today at 412-200-5656 or at  support@cranstonit.com to schedule a consultation and demonstration.