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Discover what Smart WiFi can do for your business.

CranstonIT is pleased to introduce a new partnership that can help transform your WiFi network into a new revenue stream for your company.

GoZone WiFi® is a leading developer of cloud-based software for monetizing public and guest WiFi.  The company’s Smart WiFi™ Suite offers three powerful platforms that work independently or together to help you leverage client data to drive incremental revenue, grow your business and expand your customer base.

“GoZone has developed a WiFi marketing strategy unlike any other,” explained CranstonIT President Patrick Cranston.  “GoZone knows an existing customer is the most powerful customer, and leverages those insights and trends to retarget new and profitable opportunities.”

The company offers marketing, advertising and analytics platforms that integrate to transform guest WiFi networks into an additional revenue stream for businesses.  With GoZone WiFi’s Smart WiFi Suite, businesses can now collect valuable visitor data, understand traffic flow and display third-party advertisements over guest WiFi.

Here is a snapshot of the three cloud-based platforms that comprise the Smart WiFi Suite. Together, the software suite offers robust presence analytics, location security and branding, detailed guest insights, customized triggered campaigns and intelligent delivery and reporting on third-party advertising campaigns. n


This platform empowers your business venue(s) to gather customer data through guest WiFi, then deliver automated, targeted and timely messages that help promote your brand and build lasting customer relationships.  In fact, Marketing4WiFi can trigger personalized messaging based on guest actions, allowing for remarketing and enhanced customer loyalty.  It’s leveraged data that creates ongoing engagement — and keeps your customers coming back.


Here’s an opportunity to transform guest WiFi into a digital billboard and earn direct revenue every time a guest connects.  Ads4WiFi essentially delivers ad campaigns that reach a highly engaged mobile audience.  It allows your business to seamlessly build an advertising network, complete with campaign sponsorships, management, delivery and reporting.  And it allows you to serve the right ads to the right customers while generating incremental and ongoing revenue


This platform offers the real-time presence analytics that take the guesswork out of growing.  Powered by your guest WiFi, it helps you understand customers’ behavior, how they move and interact, and analyzes the data needed to create selling opportunities.  Analytics4WiFi uses heat-mapping technology to visualize traffic patterns that reveal footfall, dwell times and behavior trends around your location — and then, with customized triggers, alerts you when those traffic patterns change.  It’s a no-touch solution for tracking guest growth and retention.

CranstonIT is proud to have a partner that can offer its customers innovative products and custom solutions.  For a complete user-friendly tour of what GoZone WiFi can do for your business — and for an overview of the affordable Smart WiFi marketing plans designed for any company size and budget — contact us today for more information.  We can be reached at at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com