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Claris Connect automates workflows and empowers business

CranstonIT is pleased to share with its clients a powerful new workflow automation tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses connect data from different cloud services.

Claris®, the Apple® subsidiary formerly know as FileMaker and a leader in technology innovation, has introduced Claris Connect.  The new platform allows powerful integration with popular cloud services by stitching them together to create new workflows of different complexity levels.  

This means there’s no need for custom coding, with Claris Connect automatically handling the back-end configuration across the third-party applications.

The intuitive interface of Claris Connect also provides automatic authentication, authorization, monitoring, versioning, error handling and more, allowing IT and project managers to create workflows as simple or as complex as their needs — in minutes.

“Claris Connect signifies a revolution in automated workflows,” explained CranstonIT CEO Patrick Cranston.  “Organizations rely on numerous cloud services to run their businesses, yet each cloud service creates a data silo.  The challenge is how to connect and share the data among those silos.  With Claris Connect, we now have a solution to that challenge.”

Claris Connect is designed for ease of use with seamless connections and experiences across both cloud services and FileMaker apps.  It cuts through the application chaos by bringing together everyday web apps to build simple automated workflows.  

A classic example is of this is in Lead Automation.  Let’s say a potential client fills out a form on the company website.  The data in the form is compared against information already in the company’s CRM.  If the customer already exists, the salesperson is automatically notified of the submission.  If the customer doesn’t exist, a new contact is created and an approval request is sent to a manager.  The manager can then approve the opportunity and assign it to a salesperson.  The contact is also automatically added to MailChimp for future emails.

The opportunities for workflow automation are endless, as Claris Connect also supports concepts like loops, branches and data mapping.  Best of all, using Claris Connect allows these automations to be built faster and easier then ever before.  Automations that formerly took dozens of hours to manually code can now be built in a fraction of that time — and sometimes in minutes.

At launch, Claris Connect allowed for the integration of more than 40 cloud applications.  And for our clients currently using FileMaker, there’s good news.  Claris Connect is the best way to integrate your FileMaker apps either onsite or in the cloud with a multitude of web apps and services.  Essentially, Claris Connect makes your FileMaker apps more capable.

Cranston views Claris Connect as a game changer.

“When you automate common business processes, you’re solving problems that can be measured by time and money,” he said.  “If you consider the power of going from an idea to a workflow in a matter of minutes, the impact on efficiency is striking.”  

Claris defines Claris Connect as one platform for thousands of uses.  See why.  If you are ready to integrate your most-used web apps to create more effective workflows, connect with CranstonIT today at 412-200-5656 or at  support@cranstonit.com to schedule a consultation and demonstration.