Cisco’s Success With Apple In The Enterprise Is No Surprise

Cisco’s Success With Apple In The Enterprise Is No Surprise

Cisco’s glowing report of improved productivity, security and costs after deploying Macs across the company should be no shock. As an Apple-focused IT solutions provider, Cranston IT sees the clear benefits of Mac in the workplace every day. We found Computerworld’s article, “Macs in business boost productivity and security, cuts costs” to be an interesting read with valuable information.

Less downtime

The tight integration between MacOS and Apple hardware results in fewer compatibility issues and less downtime than Windows. Apple’s control over the hardware and operating system allows them to optimize performance and minimize conflicts. Updates across the system also happen seamlessly in the background without users having to initiate complex installs and reboots. This reduction in friction keeps employees working with less interruption.

Streamlined security updates and reduced malware threats keep Macs secure with less active management required. This prevents the delays and fragmentation seen in the Windows world. The article mentions that the CEO of Cisco, Fletcher Previn, found that “Mac users experience almost five times fewer cyber threats and nine times fewer virus issues than PCs.”

Satisfaction of employees

Increased user satisfaction translates to happier, more productive employees. Macs are known for their intuitive interface and polished design. For many workers familiar with iPhones and iPads in their personal lives, Mac just feels natural in their workflow. And happy employees equals better retention and recruitment.

For employees who had an iPhone, the transition to using a Mac made their experience even better. The article states that those “using both a Mac and an iPhone had an 83 percent satisfaction rating with IT.”

Saves money

The cost-saving aspect makes Mac stand out for the enterprise. The upfront cost of purchasing Macs is mitigated by significantly lower IT support needs over the lifespan of the devices. By reducing hands-on maintenance, Macs provide a lower total cost of ownership in many circumstances.

Making the switch

Of course, integrating Macs with existing enterprise infrastructure takes planning and expertise. That’s where working with specialists like Cranston IT is advised. We handle it well with our specialized integration services for any sized business.

Our experience with industry-leading tools like Jamf for Mac management ensures a smooth transition. We provide qualified engineers with years of Apple expertise to work directly with internal IT teams to make the goal of fully supporting Apple devices in Microsoft and Google settings a reality if you’re ready to introduce Macs, iPhones and iPads into your company.

This allows companies to focus on their business goals while we handle the Mac deployment. Cisco has clearly seen the benefits of Mac in its own environment. And they aren’t alone. IBM, Oath, Capital One, and many other major organizations are finding success with large-scale Mac rollouts.

With the proper process and provider like Cranston IT, nearly any enterprise can realize productivity, security and cost gains by embracing Apple. It does take an experienced partner to navigate the platform change, but the long-term rewards are clear. We always keep our client’s business objectives at the core of a Mac transition. The goal is to empower users with the Apple solutions they love while maintaining enterprise security and management.


Cranston IT applauds Cisco’s success, and we’re ready to deliver the same Mac benefits to more companies in our region. Call us today to explore if MacOS can improve your enterprise. Move your organization confidently into the Apple system with Cranston IT. When carried out well, the benefits could be substantial. We provide a seamless, efficient switch from Windows to Mac that is tailored to your unique company requirements.