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Apple’s Airpods Promises to Invigorate Wireless Earbuds

You’ve probably seen it in spy and detective movies. A James Bond-type character enters a venue and communicates with other operatives by speaking quietly into an unseen, hidden device. No one around him has a clue that he’s relating critical mission information to someone outside the venue. Apple’s new AirPods come pretty close to replicating this experience for the everyday man and woman.

Unlike previous generations of Bluetooth earpieces, these wireless earbuds are compact and unobtrusive. They fit in the ear canal with very little showing outside the ear and no cord or wraparound piece attaching them.

Connecting AirPods to your Apple devices couldn't be easier. Simply select AirPods on your device and tap on the pods. Once connected, they’ll stay that way, ready to use anytime you want. What’s more, they can sense when you’re wearing them and will pause when they’re removed. Read More...

Make your camera a Wi-fi camera

We came across this cool little SD card the other day. It's an memory card for the digital camera with a built in wifi. This means that you can upload your pictures computer without ever having to use a cable to connect the two. Some digital cameras have wifi built into them but a lot of them don't. With a Eye-fi card it doesn't matter, the SD card makes the wireless connection for you.
For a small additional cost, you can also use the Eye-fi card to upload pictures directly to your favorite photo sharing site such as MobileMe, Facebook or Flickr.

Learn more about Eye-fi at http://www.eye.fi/apple/