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Enhance Your Business' IT with Managed Services

IT support has changed. Break-fix solutions no longer apply. As your IT environment has grown and becomes more complex, the concept of depending on IT support only when needed is no longer sufficient. Instead, as your business reliance on IT expands, a managed service approach monitored by a team of IT professionals can discover and solve problems before your productivity is compromised.

CranstonIT is an Apple® centric professional IT services company and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. We are charged with offering IT services for macOS® and iOS platforms and focused on the key desktop and mobile support solutions that help your business integrate Apple and third-party technologies. CranstonIT’s certified techs are dedicated to providing comprehensive support via managed services, ensuring your entire IT environment is continually maintained to the highest standards in the industry. Read More...

Kerio Connect - Business Class Email


Kerio Connect Offers Features, Function and Reliability in an Affordable Mail Server

The days before email became essential to doing business seem like a theme for a documentary on the History Channel. Gone are the days when businesses relied solely on snail mail and phone calls to communicate. Email is a critical component to business success and the ability for your mail server to multitask is just as important. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if your email server is adequately meeting your current needs.

  • Can you synchronize email messages between your phone and computer?
  • Is the endless barrage of spam making it hard to find the real messages sent to you?
  • Can you see and update the same list of contacts on your phone and your computer?
  • Are you able to send and receive meeting invites that sync with your calendar?
  • Can you easily set an out-of-office message and schedule it to turn on and off by itself?


Success Story: Scott Hare Law Office overrules IT Issues

Success Story: Scott Hare Law Office

The Big Picture
Scott Hare Law Office in Pittsburgh is dedicated to the highest standard of service for its clients. In an effort to maintain high productivity levels among its staff yet increase the degree of security around client information, the firm wanted to switch to a Mac-dedicated IT landscape. Knowing the potential pitfalls of migrating to a new computing network environment, Scott Hare, the CEO and founder, sought to outsource the project. Read More...

Success Story: ThoughtForm's thoughtful IT Solution

The Big Picture
ThoughtForm Design is a visual communication design consultancy firm located in Pittsburgh. When the company lost its internal IT manager in 2010, ThoughtForm Design began the search for an outside resource to modernize its IT infrastructure, provide ongoing user support and offer personal one-to-one attention. Read More...