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Friendly reminder — Apple’s Reminders app is here to help


Among the Swiss-army-knife capabilities of your iPhone®, iPad® and even your Apple Watch®, there’s an innocuous and highly underrated app just waiting to help get you through your busy day.

It’s called Reminders, an onboard app that automatically syncs through iCloud® and cross-pollinates both your iOS and macOS® platforms.

Reminders makes it really difficult for you to ever forget something important again. It is super simple to use, and every reminder you post is guaranteed to follow you on every device you own.

Let’s focus on the Mac® in particular, with some useful Reminders tips you may want to learn.

Open List in New Window

By default, Reminders is a single-window app with a sidebar that shows all your lists. You can hide the sidebar to focus on a single list at a time, at which point you navigate between lists by clicking the dots at the bottom of the screen or swiping on a trackpad.
But what if you want to see multiple lists at once? Can do — open any list in its own window by double-clicking it in the sidebar or by choosing Window > Open List in New Window. You can also resize and position that window as you like.

Reminders even remembers which lists you had open if you quit and relaunch. And if it doesn’t, just deselect the “Close windows when quitting an app” checkbox in System Preferences > General.


Making Life Easier w/ Reminders in OS X Mt. Lion

A basic review over the features and capabilities of Reminders. Reminders is an easy to use yet powerful tool for accomplishing tasks, and it comes with MacOSX Mountain Lion.