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iOS 12 - addresses notifications, security, privacy and more

Getting too many notifications? With just a swipe, iOS 12 lets you group notifications from each app together and gives you the ability to manage notifications from the lock screen. Plus, a new feature called Instant Tuning helps you reduce the number of notifications you see, right from the Lock screen.

If you’ve always wanted to automate repetitive actions in iOS, you’ll love the new Siri® Shortcuts feature. You can use it to string together actions in different apps — like send a message to your spouse that you’re leaving work, show the traffic conditions on your commute home and start playing a podcast app — and then invoke them all via Siri with a custom phrase.

iOS 12 also changes the way iOS users see the world using Augmented Reality (AR) and makes communications fun and more expressive with Memoji.

Protect Yourself from Nebbiness on Public Networks with Cloak


In Pittsburgh we have a term we use to describe nosey neighbors, friends, in-laws, and even pets. They’re all “nebby” if they can’t keep their nose out of our business. Most of the time, nebbiness is relatively innocent, but when hackers get nebby, we need to do whatever it takes to protect our privacy.

Did you know that every time you use a public network – in a coffee shop, hotel, airport – you’re making your activities and personal information available to everyone else on that network? While most people don’t have the knowledge or interest in accessing this information, hackers do.