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Save Time with Passbook

Passbook is one of the most useful features in the new iOS 6 operating system for the iPhone. 

What is Passbook?   It's a handy feature that lets you store and quickly access electronic versions of tickets, boarding passes, merchant cards and more.

How does it work?  First, you need to download apps for those merchants that you plan to put into Passbook.  When you open Passbook for the first time, a button will appear that will take you to the Passbook section of the Apple App Store.  You’ll see all of the supported Passbook apps, like Fandango, American Airlines, and Walgreens to name a few.  Read More...

The New Slim iMac

We are happy to welcome the newest addition to the Apple family.  The new iMac has arrived and it comes with some impressive new features.

What you’ll first notice about this sleek new model is its size.  It’s almost a full inch slimmer and up to eight pounds lighter than any other iMac.  Apple also re-engineered the display.  The result is up to 75% less glare, a sharper screen image, and more vibrant colors.

It may be slim, but it’s also a powerhouse.  It comes with the latest OS X Mountain Lion operating system and impressive performance technology.  It’s extremely fast thanks to Core i5 or i7 processors and the latest Nvidia graphics processing.  It also comes with up to 3TB of storage and a Fusion Drive option that adds 128GB of flash storage to the hard drive.  The iMac dynamically manages the memory, shifting less used programs to the hard drive, reserving the faster flash memory for the most often used apps.  The result?  Faster day-to-day performance. Read More...

Introducing Kerio Workspace - share & collaborate on great ideas in your business

Imagine a virtual conference room, customized specifically for your organization.  One easily navigated site to share resources and collaborate on projects.  With meeting minutes, project assignments, and the most current version of your files accessible from virtually any device, your team’s efficiency would soar.

That’s exactly what Kerio Workspace can do.  Personalized to meet your needs, Workspace brings your team together, saving valuable time and resources.  It allows team members to focus on a project itself rather than wasting valuable time downloading files, searching email for meeting minutes, or looking through different versions of the same document.