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Expand your mind with iTunes U

Learning is a lifetime pursuit that doesn’t stop at the end of our college careers. However, with lives that are busy, finding the time to take a class or attend a seminar may seem impossible. Apple’s application, iTunes U, is a great tool that will help you expand your mind while making it easy, fun and free! Read More... Email Management Service

If you’re like most people, combing through masses of junk emails and unwanted subscriptions is just part of your daily routine. More often than not, we’re hitting the delete button. On occasion you might feel inspired to clean up your inbox and vow to unsubscribe from pesky emails, but finding the “unsubscribe” button and completing the prompts is tedious and time consuming. With a new web service,, claiming to revolutionize email, you can finally keep your promise and clean out your inbox once and for all. Read More...

Introducing Watchman Monitoring for Contract Customers

There's no question that the information stored on your computer is of the utmost importance. Often your life is greatly affected when your computer is out of commission, no matter the duration of time. Here at Cranston IT, making sure that you have as few problems as possible and ensuring that the problems that do arise are solved quickly is our main goal. We’re always trying to give you “peace of mind” when it comes to your Apple products and with our new program, Watchman Monitoring, you can be even more worry free.
Watchman Monitoring is a new program available to all our residential and business customers using Macs. The program operates under a simple idea: catch a problem quickly when it occurs, and that’s exactly what Watchman Monitoring does. We install the Watchman program on your computer and it runs hourly checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Read More...