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New Cranston IT Employeee Creates Custom Apps for Business

Topher Reed and sons
Not everyone can create a convenient way for businesses to track data, details, dates, and other information in one convenient place, but for Cranston IT’s newest staff member, it’s all in a day’s work. As a FileMaker Developer for Cranston IT, Topher Reed spends his time developing custom FileMaker solutions for clients.

Topher has done just about everything in an IT department including development, data analytics, database management, network administration, and hardware administration. One of the aspects he likes most about his new job is being able to flex his creative muscles in problem solving. Read More...

Custom Business Solutions

As a small business ourselves, we at Cranston IT understand that there are lots of challenges that the modern small business face. You may need to be able to access your important data from different locations such as your office, warehouse, production floor or on the road. It is often critical that your information stays up to date or you may need to create a workflow process that employees can follow. Maybe you’re looking to make the transition from working on paper to electronically or perhaps you are trying to eliminate double entries of data. Whatever problem your business is looking to overcome, we at Cranston IT have a solution. Read More...