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Dataxoom - A Wireless Company You Can Love


If your business deploys iPads, tablets, and other data-only wireless devices, we have a great service to tell you about. However, if you agree with any of the following, feel free to move on to other tasks because this isn’t for you:

  • You love working with the sales rep at your wireless vendor (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.).
  • Outrageous data overage charges never sneak up on you.
  • Your data usage fees are so low that you can't wait to open your bill each month.
  • The bill is so easy to read you always know exactly what you are paying for.

Don’t agree with all of the above? If you find yourself feeling like your wireless data and overages are costing you more and more money each month, and every time you talk to your wireless carrier the situation becomes worse and the plans more confusing, then you understand the need for a new type of wireless company. You need a company that offers a seamless, multi-carrier platform complete with management and reporting tools, straightforward pricing and simplified billing, as well as the support of experts able to meet the complex needs of an business customer. What you are looking for is the antithesis of every wireless company we know!