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Credit Card

Coin: The Electronic Credit Card

Wallets can often feel like a black hole. We all have multiple cards for different accounts. Business expense cards, credit cards, gift cards, rewards cards and more; they junk up our wallet and often have us scrambling at the register. Wouldn’t it be great if you only had one card for everything? Coin is a creative solution that promises to solve this problem by storing all of your cards in one convenient location. Read More...

SquareUp Mobile Payments

We live in a world where paying cash is quickly becoming obsolete. As cash becomes a thing of the past, it is more and more important for small businesses, individuals, and mobile stores to have a way for their consumers to pay for goods. One of the best options is the Square credit card reader and app. No business wants to have to turn a way a customer or miss a sale because they’re unable to accept a specific form of payment. The Square credit card reader is the perfect solution to the payment problem. All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or Android, access to WiFi or cellular data, and the Square credit card reader to never miss out on a transaction again. Read More...