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Battery Life

How to Extend Battery Life – Mac and iPhone/iPad

This month we’re taking a look at that little worker bee that gives your Mac and iPhone/iPad the energy it needs to do its thing. It may not receive all the accolades and attention of its cousin the processor, and poets are not writing sonnets about its beauty, but the battery is no fading wallflower, either. Just imagine what you would do without a battery powering up your Mac or iPhone while you’re working on a presentation while waiting for a flight or reading emails at your kid’s soccer practice. Actually, you probably don’t have to try too hard to imagine these scenarios as most of us have dealt with the annoying, exasperating, frustrating, and irritating problem of low battery life.

Tips for extending the battery life of your Mac and your iPhone can fall into several categories, from the obvious to the elusive. Sometimes the obvious is what eludes us the most.

Powering Your Mac

Obvious Tip: Turn off what you’re not using.

You probably already know that turning off wifi and Bluetooth can save battery life, but do you actually do it? You’d be surprised at what a difference this simple action can make. If you need to connect to a wireless network to get internet access, then wifi has to be on. Bluetooth is different. If you don’t connect Bluetooth devices to your Mac, you can turn off Bluetooth, save battery and not be inconvenienced. Read More...