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Apple Pay

Apple Pay: The easiest way to pay … everywhere


It’s only natural to feel reticent, even suspicious, when considering a technology such as Apple Pay®.

In theory, it feels nuts to cozy up to a payment terminal with your phone or watch to make your money disappear.

But Apple Pay and similar technologies that leverage information encryption are here to stay. That’s because Apple Pay is easy to use, preserves your privacy and enhances your financial security. It’s more secure than using a credit card — by far.

Apple Pay works with your iPhone®, iPad® and Apple Watch® and allows you to make secure purchases in stores, with apps and on the web. There’s no app to download, it’s easier than using a credit or debit card and faster than opening your wallet to do so. Simply hold your device within an inch of a compatible payment terminal — and they are virtually everywhere — put your finger on the Home button to use Touch ID® (or double-press the iPhone X’s side button and authenticate via Face ID® or double-press the Apple Watch’s side button), and you’re done. (Plus, Apple Pay Cash, launched with iOS 11.2, allows you to make and receive person-to-person payments in the Messages app or even by asking Siri. Wow.)

So how does this seemingly magical technology work?


Make life easier with Apple Pay Cash?


Apple Pay® Cash is a new person-to-person payment service that lets you instantly send money to another iOS user. You don’t even need a new app, as it’s built right into iMessage®. Apple Pay Cash makes sending and receiving money as simple as sending a message.

Say you are out to lunch with tech-savvy friends, one of whom picks up the check. Problem? Not with Apple Pay Cash, where your share of the bill is sent instantly with just a couple of taps on your phone.

For your friends and relatives who use an iPhone® with iOS 11.2 or later, Apple Pay Cash is perfect for repaying them when they pick up groceries, concert tickets or fill your tank with gas. And for your green-bubble Android acquaintances, you can always rely on cross-platform services like Venmo, Circle and Square Cash to accomplish the task.

Here's how to start using Apple Pay Cash.


watchOS Undergoes Significant Improvements


Apple devotees were buzzing about the Apple Watch well before it went on the market last year. Now the operating system that powers the watch has undergone some major improvements that will surely bring a round of applause. The new watchOS adds functionality and flexibility while maintaining the features users have come to love.

Speed plays a big factor in the new release. One of the biggest complaints about Apple Watch is how long it can take for an app to open. With the new OS, Apple is promising that apps will launch instantly and a redesigned interface will make it easier to access apps by using the digital crown.


Apple Pay - Revolutionizing the Way We Pay

Apple’s goal is to make the lives of their users easier. From laptops, to the App Store, and the new Apple Watch, they certainly are doing so, but Apple’s newest software integration is about to change the way we pay. Apple Pay is basically a virtual wallet that lets you pay with just your device and your fingerprint.
Apple Pay works both in physical retail stores and online. The Near Field Communication antenna that is built into the iPhone 6 enables you to pay simply by placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner and being near a contactless reader. Your iPhone will then vibrate or beep, letting you know your payment was successful. Apple Pay will also be available on the Apple Watch when it is released in April. You can also use Apple Pay on your iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3 at select online retailers, such as Airbnb and Target. Read More...