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Setup Mac AddressBook to Sync with Kerio Using Exchange

Instead of using Kerio Sync Connector to sync Address Book on the Mac with Kerio you can also use the built-in Exchange Sync feature in Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5. This has the advantage of not having to using the third party software of Kerio Sync Connector to perform the sync but instead uses Apple's built in syncing tool. The biggest downside to this method is that the sync with the server is not as complete. For instance, you cannot sync the picture attached to the Address. Groups, Global Address Lists and resources cannot be synced and the sync frequency cannot be customized. However, if you just want a easy sync of your basic Address Book or you can't use Kerio Sync Connector for some reason this method is for you. Read More...

Importing Contacts into a Kerio Public Contacts Folder

Kerio does not have the ability to do a direct import of contacts into a Contacts folder. It would be nice if there were an import tool that would allow to you to import a text file or vcards, but currently that is not available.

The best way to get a large number of contacts into a Kerio Contacts folder is to use an existing user's account and use Address Book, Outlook or Entourage to sync the contacts to the server and then move the contacts to the appropriate Contacts folder on Kerio. Read More...

Connecting Address Book (Mac) to Kerio

With Kerio it is possible to sync your Address Book (AB) with your personal Contacts folders and Public Contacts folders using the Kerio Sync Connector. It's also possible to just search Contacts folders using LDAP without having them in your Address Book. Let's discuss both ways. Read More...