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Cranston IT announces TARMAC iOS Deployment Server

For Immediate Release
Cranston IT Becomes First Authorized U.S. Partner For TARMAC
PITTSBURGH, PA (August 18, 2010) -- Cranston IT Inc. of Cranberry Township, PA, has been selected as the first authorized partner in the United States for TARMAC, a corporate iPhone and iPad integration system that is manufactured by Equinux, a company in Germany.  The announcement was made today by Patrick Cranston, the president of Cranston IT Inc.     

Understanding Backups Part 1: Backup Types

As you know, at Cranston IT we are big believers in backing up data. That’s because sooner or later you will lose data. Either your hard drive will crash, you will accidentally delete some files, your computer will get lost or stolen, or your computers will get caught in a fire, flood, or some other natural or man-made disaster.

It’s a rule. If you have your data in one place, you will eventually lose it. If you have your data in two places, it is unlikely that you will lose it. If you have your data in three places, it is very unlikely that you will lose it. So how many times should backup your data, is simply a question of how critical is your data.