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CIT Alert Now Available from Cranston IT

Cranston IT understands that a working computer is vitally important to you. We also understand that any interruption in being able to use your computer costs you time and money. Here at Cranston IT, we have a solution to help detect common problems early and solve them as quickly as possible. With the CIT Alert system, you can take the worry out of your everyday operations.
CIT Alert (CITA) is a program available to our customers that use Mac computers. This program’s main purpose is to catch a problem quickly when it occurs. Once installed on a computer, CITA conducts hourly checks to ensure everything is running smoothly. During these hourly checks, any warning signs that indicate that vital software or hardware are failing are inspected.
The CITA client has the capability of detecting over 100 issues and we are able to take immediate action. First, it reports on the physical hardware configuration of the computer. This includes RAM, storage, and processor. Second, it reports any errors logged in the system. These errors include RAM errors, kernel panics, disk I/O errors, and network errors. Lastly, it reports the status of select software programs. Typically, these are backup programs like TimeMachine, Crashplan, and Backblaze for workstations. So in a nutshell, CITA alerts us to any issues that your computer is having. If a problem is detected, an alert is sent to us and we alert you of a potential problem. You can then determine if you would like to take care of the problem or if you need to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Through using this tool over the last year, we have been able to keep our customers’ computers up and running. This tool has helped us to detect malware, backup issues, and hard drive failures before the user experienced any difficulties. While running, CITA will not interrupt any other programs. It actually works so efficiently that you won’t even know it is running at all. CITA is also very secure. All communication is done using encrypted data transmissions and no user data is ever transmitted back to us.

Now this service is available for our non-contract business customers. (For our current residential and business contract customers, CITA is already included as part of your covered services.) If you are a business customer without a support contract and would like to add this service, we offer CITA for $30 per month for up to 10 computers. Additional computers are just $3 / month. For more information about CIT Alert, contact us at