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CranstonIT welcomes new Billing Manager - Mary Ceccarelli

If you like your back-office admins to be nerdy, tortoise-rimmed, pocket-protector types who live to calculate, you’ll be disappointed with Mary Ceccarelli.

Mary joined CranstonIT last month as its new part-time Billing Manager. But mesmerized by numbers? No.

“I think I’m supposed to be, but I’m just not,” she laughed. “Does it count if I just fantasize about being one of those people who is?”

Make no mistake, Mary is a whiz at what she does and so much more. She was formerly a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Conners Sales Group in Washington, DC where she managed the company’s social media, email campaigns and website content. She’s currently a community TV producer for a local show called “Get Involved”. And Mary is an avid cyclist, runner, yogini, singer and photographer.
Think she has time to crunch numbers for fun?

“I was drawn to the opportunity with CranstonIT because there is a little geek in me that loves technology,” Mary explained. “I switched to Apple a few years back because the products are so intuitive and compatible. This just seemed like a natural fit to help support customers using Apple devices.”

Mary has been married for nearly 25 years and resides in Moon Township. The Ceccarellis have two children, one a cinematographer working for Pittsburgh Filmmakers and the other a college-bound senior finishing up at Moon High School.

Mary continues to train under the guidance of Beth Anne Lewis as she learns the ropes of managing accounts receivables and the nuances of the CIT’s systems. She finds the entire process a calm departure — almost meditational — from the rest of her busy life.

“Some people like to knit, I like to enter data,” Mary said.