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CIT Menu Bar and Alert System Offer Support Superhero-Style

Business and residential contract clients of Cranston IT have a free, resourceful tool available to them that can help make life a lot easier. We call it the CranstonIT (CIT) Menu Bar, but it’s really more like our own little IT superhero. It sits quietly and innocently in the menu bar of your computer waiting till the time it needs to spring into action and save the day.

The CIT Menu Bar icon is installed as part of the CIT Alert System. Once the alert system is installed, the CranstonIT logo sits on your menu bar (the same bar where your date and time are located). Through this system, we are given real time updates on the health of your computer by monitoring your entire system including the hard drive and logic board. The alert system automatically notifies us when there is a potential complication with your computer so we can fix it right away.  It’s kind of like Batman’s bat phone or Spiderman’s spider-sense.
The onscreen icon also gives contract clients an easy way to contact CranstonIT when they need help with their computers. With just a click of the mouse, you have access to Cranston IT services and websites including, the current status of our cloud services, and links to support email and downloads including anti-malware and antivirus software. If you are a contract customer, go ahead and check it out. Just click on the CIT logo in your menu bar. Don't worry. We'll wait till you get back..... See, wasn't that easy?

Business customers with CIT Alert can get customized menu options that allow users quick access to things like company websites, webmail, file shares, common applications, and more.  You can also use these custom links to open business management software, remote support tools and cloud based systems.

If you are already a CranstonIT business contract client, and would like to add custom links to your CIT Alert Menu bar, please get in touch with us. It's included, at no additional charge, as part of your support contract with us. If you are not a contract client, but want to have access to your own personal superhero, contact us at or 888-813-5558 and we’ll show you how to get your bat phone installed right away.