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Dangle displaces dongle! New AirPods now Apple’s best-selling accessory

For the first time ever, AirPods® are Apple’s best-selling accessory.  The beloved dangling wireless headphones wrested that position from the hated dongle, the iPhone® product lost or damaged with almost stunning regularity.

You know the dongle.  It’s that dorky-looking converter that lets your old headphones connect with the Lightning® jack since Apple® removed the analog jack from the iPhone in 2016. It’s that wonky necessity that owners of older iPhone models need to listen to music or take hands-free calls.  It’s that suddenly essential symbol of progress that created something called … the dongle life.

But now the dongle sits second on Apple’s accessory list, as the new AirPods are more magical than ever.  With more talk time, voice-activated Siri® access and a new wireless charging case, AirPods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience.  That’s why industry analysts are projecting Apple to sell more than 55 million units this year and upwards of 80 million units in 2020.

Welcome to … the dangle life.

The new AirPods, with just a simple one-tap setup, are automatically on and always connected.  They pair quickly and reliably with all your Apple devices — iPhone, Apple Watch®, iPad® and even Mac® — provide excellent audio quality and sit comfortably and securely in your ears.  They even sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. Cool!

This generation is powered by a new Apple-designed H1 chip that is exclusively designed for headphones.  The chip provides a faster, more stable wireless connection, up to five hours of listening time and up to three hours of talk time, and the convenience of invoking Siri with “Hey Siri.” This is an upgrade from first-generation AirPods, when a double-tap would bring up Siri (Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods) when AirPods were enabled.

AirPods pricing remains at $159, and includes a standard Lightning-based charging case.  But you may want to consider the new Wireless Charging Case, bundled with the new AirPods for $199 or available separately for both the first- and second-generation AirPods for $79.  The Wireless Charging Case works with any Qi-compatible charging mat.  It features a tiny LED indicator light on the front of the case to indicate your AirPods are charging.  And — wait for it — if you buy one from Apple online at apple.com, you can now get 19 characters of personalized engraving on the front of the case.  Cool.2!

For more technical information, visit https://www.apple.com/airpods/?afid=p238%7CsL2XnVJ4R-dc_mtid_20925e1t39169_pcrid_340197686341_&cid=wwa-us-kwgo-features-slid–apple+airpods-e But for more hands-on information, visit CranstonIT at support@cranstonit.com or call us at 888-813-5558.  Our technicians thoroughly test all new Apple products, and are always ready to share their experiences with you.