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Things You Need to Know Before Moving to a New iPhone
Are you among the millions of people planning to get a new iPhone 15? It’s exciting, we know, but don’t move too fast when getting started with your new iPhone, or you might cause yourself headaches.
What Should You Do about an Authentication Code You DIDN'T Request?
We strongly encourage using two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step verification (2SV) with online accounts whenever possible.
Protect Your Tech Gear from Damaging Power Fluctuations
While the connection between weather and technology may seem tenuous, heat waves, high winds, and lightning strikes can play havoc with all sorts of powered and networked electronic devices.
Why Hiring a Mac Consultant in Pittsburgh is Your Key to Success
Businesses today rely on technology for their success and competitiveness. Harnessing the full capabilities of Mac products can elevate productivity and overall employee performance.
Web Workers of the World, Give Arc a Try
Although Web browsers have added productivity features over the years, most have not been overhauled to support modern usage patterns. We have bulging bookmarks bars, tabs by the trillions, and inefficient habits like using searches to load even regularly used websites.
Worried That You're Being Targeted Online? Try Lockdown Mode
Most people fall into one of two extremes when it comes to device security. Many believe they're not interesting enough to be targeted by online attackers and thus don't take sensible precautions, like making sure every website account is protected with a strong, unique password.
"Juice Jacking" Returns to the News but Still Hasn't Happened
Much has been made in the media about a recent FBI warning about "juice jacking", the theoretical act of installing malware on or stealing data from an iPhone connected to a public charging station.
Why Outsourcing IT Services Makes Sense: Cost Savings and Expertise
A successful business recognizes the significance of budgeting and making judicious financial decisions. One prime illustration of wise expenditure lies in the practice of outsourcing. Numerous aspects of a business can be outsourced, including IT services.
Meet Tori Woods
It's one of the most quotable lines in sports history, and for good reason. It's a catalyst for higher level thinking — and for results.
Learn to Identify and Eliminate Phishing Notifications
Email may be the most common form of phishing, but it's not the only one. Modern Web browsers support a technology that enables websites to display system-level notifications just like regular apps.
Improve Privacy by Removing Metadata from Office Documents and PDFs
When we share data with others, we do so intentionally—a law firm sending a client legal documents, for instance. But those documents shouldn't include ancillary information that might reveal other, more sensitive details.
What to Look for in Small Business IT Consulting
Consultants can be highly beneficial to small businesses, especially in the IT department. At various stages in a company's growth cycle, professional advice on specialized areas may be necessary.
What to Do If You’re a Mac User Who Needs Some Windows Software
For the most part, the days of Mac versus PC are over. Common apps now exist on both platforms, and when they don’t, there are plenty of alternatives in nearly every app category.
Apple Unveils Vision Pro "Spatial Computer"
And now for something completely different. Apple devoted the final third of its keynote to unveiling a mixed-reality headset it calls Vision Pro. Even though it fits on the user’s head like bulbous ski goggles, Apple prefers to call it a spatial computer.
Apple Starts Releasing Rapid Security Responses for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac
By now, you've probably seen a new form of update for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS: the Rapid Security Response.
Managing Cyber Risk: Essential Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance Insights
Join us on June 13th at 2 pm for an insightful webinar titled "Managing Cyber Risk: Essential Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance Insights."
Sidestep MacBook Optimized Battery Charging When Necessary
Have you ever run into a situation where the battery icon in your menu bar is stuck at 80% even though your Mac has been plugged in for hours?
CranstonIT's New Self Service
We are excited to announce a new feature on our platform, which will make managing your devices even easier!
How Often Should Macs Be Replaced?
It’s a question as old as the personal computer. When should you replace your current Mac with a new model that’s faster and more capable?
What to Do If Your iPhone Takes a Plunge
No one intends to drop their iPhone in a pool or fall off a boat with their iPhone in a pocket. But accidents happen. Happily, Apple has designed the iPhone with significant levels of splash and water resistance.
Integrate Your Cloud Storage Service into the Finder
Many businesses, schools, and other organizations have adopted cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive for excellent reasons. Cloud storage provides.
Is Your Wi-Fi Network a Security Risk?
With Wi-Fi security, it’s easy to fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” trap. Your Wi-Fi router probably lives in a corner or closet, and of course, Wi-Fi’s radio waves are invisible.
A Practical Guide to Identifying Phishing Emails
Phishing is becoming an ever more common way for people to get in trouble when using the Internet. A phishing attack is some communication, usually
Hyland Software – Streamlined Apple Deployment in Enterprise
Our client Hyland is a forward-thinking software developer whose OnBase platform and cloud products serve nearly half of the Fortune 100.
Avient - Enterprise Grade Apple Support in a Windows Environment
Advocating for Productivity. When IT issues mean your team can’t do their jobs effectively or without major pain and suffering, it’s time to get help.
How The Bible Chapel's IT Prayers Were Answered
Simon James may depend on divine intervention to solve many challenges, but he draws the line when it comes to his IT network. “Let’s not get carried away,” James joked.
Top Questions on Adding Apple IT Support in a Predominantly Microsoft Environment
What operation is almost as risk-averse as a NASA launch? Integrating enterprise-level IT support for Apple comes close. It may not be rocket science, but we know you have questions.
Apple and the Enterprise: The Time is Now
IT support for Apple means less risk, more productivity, and improved recruiting and retention. So, what’s stopping you? If you’re like most organizations, your IT operations are adept at managing users that rely on Windows-based hardware and software.
Keeping up? Create custom apps to automate tedious business processes
As companies expand, existing workflow processes don’t always keep up — especially if you are still relying on spreadsheets, word documents or even paper.
Backed by quality computer support, êlizur redefines the markets it helps
Pittsburgh PA based êlizur reconfigured its technology landscape to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. With the help of CranstonIT’s guidance, the company is now equipped with servers, Mac® computers and iPad® and iPhone® devices.
Integrate Slack into your FileMaker App for Instant Notifications
Have you every wished that you could get instant notifications on your desktop or mobile device whenever something changes in your FileMaker solution? Now you can by leveraging the power of Slack.
Patete Kitchen and Bath Design Center thrives with reliable Computer Support
Patete Kitchens in Pittsburgh, PA is an all Mac® shop, one that started with the original blue iMac® and the iBook® notebook computer. They needed the best in computer support and managed services for macOS® platform.
Gymkhana Gymnastics sticks its landing with FileMaker, Apple and Cranston IT
As competitive gymnasts for the University of Pittsburgh back in the 1970s, Elliott Sanft and Ed Swerdlow learned at an early age the importance of precision. They learned how one misstep can often unravel years of diligent training and preparation.