Apple Integration Services

The time has come to translate Apple for the enterprise. If you’re ready to integrate Apple into your corporate environment but might not be sure about the next step: We can help.

Cranston IT is the largest IT consultancy in the Midwest that specializes in Apple integrations for any size business. We have the tools and experience your business needs to bring Apple users under the enterprise IT umbrella economically and effectively.

Let us help you integrate Apple devices into your environment seamlessly.

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We Make Apple Work For Your Enterprise.

It's dangerous to go alone! The challenges to incorporate an entirely different platform into your organization can be wrought with unforeseen risk. Limitations of time and personnel can force even the best-intentioned integration effort into cycles of delays and hidden cost.

Why not bring a friend?

Cranston IT helps you implement an Apple management solution that meets your needs while providing a better end user experience in a fraction of the time. Our engineers’ partner with your IT team to streamline the process and avoid common mistakes. By leveraging our expertise you can enable your team to deploy effective Apple management policies efficiently, contain cost, and minimize risk.

How We Can Help You
Deployment & Management
Apple approved MDM services for device management
Secure Integration with wireless networks
Directory Services and Single Sign-On
Full Integration of Apple Devices with SSO
Secure remote connections and data
Azure / Active Directory Integration
Equal ecosystem between Apple and PC.
Remote Workers
Complete management and visibility of mobile devices and workstations
Threat Prevention & Remediation
Comprehensive security suites for cyber threat protection
Compliance Policy Implementation
Obtain full compliance with HIPAA, SOX, SOC1, SOC2
Select Apple Integration Stories
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Enterprise Apple Support for ECM Software Developer Our client Hyland is a forward-thinking software developer whose OnBase platform and cloud products serve nearly half of the Fortune 100. After several years of acquisitions, Hyland needed to manage their own Apple users, who had grown substantially in number. Established in 1991 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, […]
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Advocating for Productivity When IT issues mean your team can’t do their jobs effectively or without major pain and suffering, it's time to get help. One of our clients, Avient Corporation, had a productivity problem when it came to Mac support. David Honeycutt, senior global director for marketing communications, turned to Cranston IT for help. […]
Colorful Lit Apple Laptop
What operation is almost as risk-averse as a NASA launch? Integrating enterprise-level IT support for Apple comes close. It may not be rocket science, but we know you have questions, so we’ve gathered some of the most common ones we receive, along with our best answers. As a leading enterprise Apple IT integrator,* we’ve seen […]
Person Using Apple Laptop
IT support for Apple means less risk, more productivity, and improved recruiting and retention. So, what’s stopping you? If you’re like most organizations, your IT operations are adept at managing users that rely on Windows-based hardware and software. What they probably aren’t managing, though, are the often-small pockets of Apple users – the Mac enclave […]
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Years Experience
With over 18 years of experience successfully supporting 2000+ customers, our engineers know and understand the challenges of integrating the Apple platform from all sides.
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Cranston IT is the largest Apple dedicated IT services provider in the Great Lakes region. Since 2005, we have served over 2000 clients as a member of the Apple Consultants Network.