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Apple brightens Photos in iOS 13

It won’t surprise anyone that YouTube and Instagram are the most popular apps on the iPhone®.

But it might surprise everyone that the iPhone houses the world’s most popular camera.

Yup, according to data from Flickr, iPhone continues to reign as the camera of choice among “photographers” from around the globe.  This, of course, does not excite the makers of Canon, Nikon and others claiming decades-long photographic legitimacy.

We bring you this news because the iPhone 11 Pro now delivers the most advanced camera Apple® has ever designed and iOS 13 offers the most powerful Photos app ever developed.  

Apple claims taking great photos is only half the job — you also have to find, edit, manage and enjoy those photos, as well — so that’s where the company focused its efforts in iOS 13 and iPadOS™.  Photos, Apple says, is now smarter and more personal than ever.

Let’s zoom in on some of these new features.

Photo curation just got easier.  Previously, Photos grouped pics first by Years, then by Collections and finally by Moments.  To simplify things, Photos now offers four more sensible groups — Years, Months, Days and All Photos.  Photos also uses intelligence to find and focus only on the best part of your photo for better previews.

Years shows a single image that helps you keep the years apart and highlights the best of past photos.  Tap the Months button to see a few tiles representing the events at which you took photos in each month. Or then tap the Days button (or any event) to see a curated selection of photos for each of the days you shot pics in that month.  You can also select All Photos to display your photos and videos in a grid.

The key word above is curated, as Photos is using artificial intelligence to show you just the best or most representative images and eliminate similar shots, so some photos won’t appear at all in Days view.  When that happens, you’ll see a +# tag on the last image indicating the number of hidden images.  To see everything, tap that +# tag or the All Photos button. You may find yourself wanting to use All Photos a lot if Photos is hiding images from you in Days view.

Photo and video editing are dramatically enhanced in iOS 13, with capabilities that bring it closer to the fine-tuning experience offered in macOS®.  In iOS 12, you could adjust some light, color and black-and-white options.  iOS 13 retains the light and color options and now bolsters them with new tools and an improved interface.  The black-and-white options disappear, but you can simulate them by applying a monochrome filter like Noir, Silvertone or Mono, and then using the rest of the editing tools.

When you tap the adjust button while editing an image, Photos displays a horizontally scrolling list of 16 controls, each with a circular button on top and a slider below.  Move the slider to adjust that setting with a real-time preview.  Also, notice how the circle fills in to reflect what you’ve done.  All edits are non-destructive, and you can tap the circle to turn off its associated edits, or tap again to turn them back on. This tap-off/tap-on interface works well for comparing before and after versions.

Controls in Photos in iOS 13 lets you apply all these edits — the adjustments and cropping/tilting — to videos as well as still images.  Video edits are non-destructive, too, which makes it easy to play with effects.  Photos video editing may not compare with the full features of a video editor like iMovie®, but it’s a huge step forward.

Apple also tweaked other aspects of Photos.  Here are some:

–  Multiple search terms work better now, so it’s easier to search and then find that ’68 GTO.

–  Live photos and videos begin playing as you scroll past them.

–  You can now control the intensity of any filter to fine-tune the look of a photo.

–  Soundtracks for Memory movies are now based on your preferences in Apple Music.

–  You can now pinch-to-zoom while editing to see the effect of an edit on a portion of the photo.

When it’s appropriate to upgrade to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, take some time to check out these new features in Photos.  And, as always, we’re here to help.  Connect with CranstonIT at 888-813-5558 or support@cranstonit.com