Workplace Innovation Engineers

As companies expand, existing workflow processes don’t always keep up especially processes that rely on spreadsheets, word documents or even paper. Performance lags, solutions don't scale and users waste time with repetitive, non-productive tasks. Growth-oriented businesses demand automated workflows that are highly specialized, hyper-connected and quickly customizable to meet unique business needs. Our app development IT services improve efficiency and makes users more productive.

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Strong Foundation

With a team of full-time, certified Claris developers, Cranston IT develops custom IT solutions and business applications that keep pace with your evolving needs. Cranston IT is a great choice as your information technology consultant. We are a Claris Partner, with more than 15 years of Claris development experience. The Claris platform has been used by tens of thousands of companies for over 30 yrs. This foundation provides peace of mind that your custom application will remain viable for years to come.

As Workplace Innovation Engineers, we provide the expertise to build, modify and manage professional Claris applications. We are proficient in using Claris’s platform to create innovative solutions that will help you escape the work rut, work anywhere and bridge the gap in your existing technology.

Escape the work rut
Eliminate paper forms, spreadsheets and manual processes to focus on work that matters
Work Anywhere
Allow your team access critical real-time information, everywhere at the office, on the production floor or on the road.
Bridge the gap
Move beyond the limits of your existing technology to solve key business problems.