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Apps on iOS 11: Say goodbye to your little friends


Apple® promises that iOS 11 will set a new standard for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system when it is introduced this fall. It further promises, with iOS 11, that iPhone® and iPad® will be devices that are more powerful, personal and intelligent than ever before.

With the release of the public beta, however, it appears some of the apps you’ve been using on iPhone and iPad won’t launch on iOS 11. Saying goodbye to old friends is tough, but this will help you soften the blow.


CareKit - Helping You Manage Your HealthCare

iOS CareKit Helps Users Manage Their Healthcare

A few months back we told you about Apple’s ResearchKit that lets users participate in groundbreaking research projects. Now, Apple has introduced CareKit, a software framework that will help developers create apps enabling users to track their own care plans, symptoms, medications, and more. Ultimately, this will allow users to take a more active role in their health and healthcare. CareKit could be particularly useful for individuals with chronic illnesses, the elderly, and parents of children with disabilities for managing their healthcare and communicating with healthcare professionals.

Since the CareKit framework is brand new, apps for its modules are just starting to be created. One particularly useful app in the works is a postsurgical care app that lets users keep track of pain levels, medication, mobility, temperature and other variables. Care teams can then access this information and monitor the user’s progress or advise if follow-up care is needed. Read More...

iCloud Family Sharing Review

We use our Apple devices for everything. From watching movies, listening to music, staying organized with calendars and reminders, and keeping connected; our Apple devices are powerful tools. Often there is a need to share all of this important information with those who are the most important to us, our families. iOS 8 has created a solution that will change the way you and your family interact digitally, Family Share. Family Share lets you sync up to six individual Apple IDs and share App Store purchases, photos, calendars, and much more. Read More...